Cities of Pawnee County

  1. Burdett
  2. Garfield
  3. Rozel
  4. Larned

Burdett ElevatorLocated 23 miles west of Larned is Burdett, Ks. The town was originally named Brown's Grove in 1876 in honor of Dr. Gallitin Brown who settled beside a large grove of ash trees. In 1880, the railroad was built and the name was changed to Burdette in honor of Robert Jones Burdette who was in the newspaper business. Over the years, the last e in Burdette was inadvertently dropped. Burdett StreetBurdett Highway sign

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Notable People

Burdett, located in Pawnee County on K 156 in southwestern Kansas, is the hometown of Clyde Tombaugh. He is credited with the discovery of the following, among other observations:

  • A cluster of 1,800 galaxies
  • A comet
  • Hundreds of asteroids
  • Pluto
  • Several galactic star clusters