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The Santa Fe Trail Museum & Research Library is a nonprofit regional museum telling the story of the geographic area once known as the Santa Fe Trail. The museum includes both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Indoor exhibits present the history of the Santa Fe Trail. The outdoor portion of the museum includes a sod house, schoolhouse, and dugout.

Aerial view of Fort Larned National Historic SiteFort Larned National Historic Site

Fort Larned was established in 1859 on the vast prairie in western Kansas near the midpoint of the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Larned also was instrumental in maintaining friendly relations with Plains Indians by distributing annuities promised to them by treaties. 

Today, with nine restored buildings, it is the best preserved Indian Wars military post on the Santa Fe Trail. The Fort Larned National Historic Site is located 6 miles west of Larned on Kansas 156.

Sibley's Camp

Sibley's Camp is 1825 Santa Fe Trail survey team campsite.