Tourism In Pawnee County

You can almost hear the whoops and cries of "All's set!" as trail hands hitched their oxen to freight wagons carrying cargo between Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thousands upon thousands of pioneers also made their way west on the Santa Fe Trail to get to points “out west.” As you follow the Santa Fe National Historic Trail through five states, you'll find that Pawnee County, Kansas was a very important stop along the way. Santa-Fe-TrailjpgFort Larned National Historic Site was built in the early 1860’s to keep the traffic on the Santa Fe Trail safe from raiding bands of Native Americans and to offer refuge to those weary from the trail. Join the adventure and experience the life of past travelers who made this remarkable trip before you! Historic Fort Larned is one of the best preserved old west forts in the nation. During your stay you can also visit the Santa Fe Trail Museum and Research Library, Sibley’s Camp, The Trail Ruts National Historic Site, Pawnee Fork, Ash Creek Crossing, Coon Creek Crossing, and several other historic places while you explore the area. The Santa Fe Trail Center Museum and Research Library is a must see and offers a fantastic look at the history of the area. Pawnee County’s important geographical location was noteworthy to the early teamsters, explorers and pioneers on their way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The area had also been an important camp and hunting site for the Pawnee, Cheyenne, Comanche, and Kiowa Tribes. 307921282_456408069847140_3018043436813045908_nThe large hills where the City of Larned is now located, overlook the confluence of two rivers and what was called the grand hunting ground of the American Buffalo. Pawnee County has RV and camp sites at Camp Pawnee or RV sites at West Wind Villas and Santa Fe Trail RV. Hotel lodging and some great Air B&B sites are available also. The area also offers great cuisine for the hungry travelers at Edwards Street Brew & Bites, El Dos De Oros Mexican Food Restaurant, Mi Tierra, Sonic, Taco Bell, SubwayScraps or Pin High Bar & Grill. If you find yourself in the western part of Pawnee County and get a hankerin' for something to eat, the 156 Stop-N-Go in Burdett is also a great place to get something to eat. For a whole calendar of events for the community please go to the Larned Area Chamber of Commerce for more information or call 620-285-6916. 

Like to hunt? Pawnee County offers the best upland gamebird and whitetail hunting out there!, Click here for more info.

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